CamperBot with Wiki integration, and more!

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Announcing CamperBot!

CamperBot is a full featured bot for First launched as "CamperBot" to integrate with FreeCodeCamp, the largest online bootcamp in the world, where he supports more than 60,000 users in the main chatroom.


Github Wiki Integration

CamperBot can pull entries from a projects github wiki right into the main chat. This means you can have a growing knowledge based that's associated with your project be instantly available. You can search for articles in a projects github wiki

Share wiki summaries in chat

Use explain to pull a wiki summary right into the chat: Many chatbots are for the user to talk to 1:1. But this gitterbot is designed to support user:user chats, much like a teacher's assistant. He will make repetive tasks easier. Often the same question comes up again and again, so you can just ask the bot to explain the point to another user.

Points system

Gamify your chat! When users thank each other, the bot will track this and send karma points. In our case this is also linked to an external API for the main FreeCodeCamp site, so the point system of the site is used inside the chat.

Fixed messages

A simple regex tool makes this quickly customizable. Based on scannable expressions, send messages into the chat.


Other custom functions can easily be added. Check the System overview or contact RIKAI Labs.

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